Depression and EMDR – Why EMDR? Is it Effective?

Depression and EMDR Therapy – Part One

Depression and EMDR

When you find yourself thinking of how you to assist someone with obvious signs and symptoms of depression; and PTSD, the decision might be a bit tough.  Considering the fact that scientist does not presently know what exactly cause depression; thereby making the management/treatment a challenge.  According to my research, I found the following quick signs and symptoms as things to watch out against:

  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Appetite or weight changes
  • Sleep changes
  • Anger or irritability
  • Loss of energy
  • Self-loathing
  • Reckless behavior
  • Concentration problems
  • Trouble focusing, making decisions or remembering things and much more.

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The main factor to bear in thoughts is that the person in question will need your love and support. If somebody is attempting to face the problem that impacts them psychologically in this way they are able to often feel trapped and alone. You can function to relieve these anxieties by giving them some private assurances which will prove extremely valuable to them
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In ensuring this is something they are able to rely upon you’re helping them take a big step. We all require levels of compassion but when people are facing something like post-traumatic tension disorder this really is much more as and by showing this level of patience and care it permits them to concentrate on methods of overcoming the problems they face.
It is also useful to accept your limitations in this regard in an honest fashion. All of us have individual strengths and weaknesses when we’re attempting to address issues and there will be issues you are not great at. This is when it’s best to appear to expert assist to create noticeable changes.
They have the knowledge and experience to look at the psychological roots of the situation and they are able to then offer advice and guidance to be able to allow them to cope better managing their condition
This may be a testing time for anyone so even if they are making progress going through therapy it may be wise to also have a course of this yourself to overcome the psychological strain or coping with someone affected by this condition.
Likewise, psychotherapy also works really well in discovering scenarios, events and relations which tension the individual and trigger feelings of discomfort. It’s needed to ascertain which events, relations, and scenarios cause a drain on your life to relieve stress and really feel much better. If you cannot identify the stressor then it’s impossible to relieve nervousness and enhance the individual in question disposition. A psychotherapist can direct you throughout this process.
Thru the method of psychotherapy, you learn how to acquire efficient and new techniques to comprehend the events and experiences in your life. You discover how to make a response to them and to accept responsibility for your actions. As a consequence, your actions have more bases rather than merely a slovenly reply. You’re able to consider issues initial prior to doing something. You can increasingly avoid rash actions and negative implications.
In summary, I believe the EMDR technique has come to stay and will help several veterans who has been to combat and back to get back into society.
Depression and EMDR – Part II