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Health topics – If you have never heard of scabies before, it is a little difficult to identify the symptoms since you won’t know what to look for. Little mites will actually infect people for a variety of reasons; the mites are actually called scabies. This insect is so small that it is able to drill down into your skin, in the upper layer, causing many issues and irritation.
People that have had scabies before will always remember the intense itching sensation, but when they originally got the mites, they may not have known that they had it for several days until the itching started. Anyone who recently contracted scabies is still capable of giving it to others through close and personal contact even if they do not itch.
Most people do not realize, but scabies can appear on the various part of your body. It is possible for scabies to go from place to place because they do not need a body for short periods. Though you may have a clean household, if you have scabies, you may deposit them throughout your home without knowing it. The tiny sores that look like blisters can be seen on the face, neck and scalp areas. Other areas of the body where infestations can occur are the palms of your hand and the soles of your feet. If not treated early enough, vesicles will develop, and the scabies symptom you will experience is extreme itching where they have burrowed in.
Scabies infestations can occur for a variety of reasons and based on certain factors and environmental circumstances. Institutional workers in prisons, homes for the disabled and even nursing homes are more likely to develop this condition. Just about any situation that is overly crowded represents a potential threat to contracting scabies. Of anyplace in the world, scabies infestations are most prevalent in areas of the world that have undeveloped nations and countries. Scabies infestations are typically seen in multiple family members in such cases. Items such as towels, clothing, and other forms of fabric make excellent carriers for the mites.
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Health topics – Scabies Infection

The reaction to a scabies infestation can take one of two different scenarios. We mentioned what happens with the first-time infestation, earlier. During a second infestation, the allergic reaction occurs quickly and the extreme itching begins. Because the first infestation caused your body to become sensitized to the mite, your symptoms on subsequent infestations will start much sooner. Don’t try to treat a scabies infestation yourself. Seek the assistance of your medical practitioner. This is mandatory. Once in a while, if a person has a very strong immune system when the allergic reaction to the invasion of the mites occurs, the body is able to kill off the invaders. Of course, all things being equal, this isn’t how it usually happens. You will almost always be required to seek medical intervention to eliminate the mites.
If you are wearing someone’s clothes that have scabies right now, you may also contract them by wearing the articles of clothing for any length of time. It is interesting to note that the scabies mite can live for about thirty-six hours outside the human body and with no host.