Inner Ear Infection and Trauma Associated Symptoms

Inner ear infection and trauma associated symptoms is also known as labyrinthitis. Middle_Ear_InfectionThe name is derived from the area of the ear that was infected called the inner labyrinth. It is more often caused by viruses that infect the inner ear. Sometimes it is caused by viral infections like flu and colds. Initial diagnosis of the disease will include symptoms like extreme dizziness or vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and tinnitus or noise in the inner ear. There is sometimes a strong noise that you will think it is not coming from your ears. Extreme cases of inner ear infection may cause a loss of hearing.
An inner ear infection may last for a couple of weeks, sometimes up to eight weeks. After that time, the infection will disappear as if nothing happened. But to some people, infections stay on for years. Getting professional help is important when you feel symptoms of the disease. Insist more on your doctor if you are having vertigo symptom.
A recurrent inner ear infection may also be caused by excessive fluid builds up in the inner ear. It is most common among elderly people.
Here are some tips to help prevent inner ear infection or to lessen the severity. When lying, try to lie on your side on a flat comfortable manner. Avoid too much salt and sugar in your food. Chocolate, coffee, and alcohol intake should be avoided. For smokers, you have to stop smoking. Always stay in a low noise and stress-free environment. Being stressed out can aggravate the infection of the inner ear.
It is important that when you feel symptoms of the inner ear infection, you seek professional help. The doctor can tell you what to do to minimize the discomfort. He will also help you treat the illness at an early stage to prevent possible complications.