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Women Veterans and Gun Safety

Women Veterans – More women than ever are taking on the responsibility of gun ownership. While it is true that women Veterans are well-trained in the care and use of firearms as a result of military duty, it is critical to ensure that guns stored in the home are properly secured.

According to, President Donald Trump has held up veterans as the ideal armed teachers who could ward off school shooters. But the reality is very few of today’s educators served in the military, and those who did may reject the idea of carrying a gun to class.

Women Veterans gun safety

Ibropalic / Pixabay continued and wrote “While some veterans among the nation’s teaching corps back Trump’s idea and see it as a calling to use their skills, others interviewed by POLITICO said they are adamantly opposed — even if they have the weapons familiarity that comes with military service. They said they worry about accidental discharges and that their skills are no longer fresh.”

According to Washington Post, “We represent some of those voices. The #VetsForGunReform movement is inclusive of those who fought America’s wars — as soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. We were truck drivers and tank drivers, fuelers and supply specialists, pilots and linguists, medics and infantrymen. Men and women. Liberals and conservatives. We grew up across America. In big cities and small towns.

We were raised by doctors and lawyers, farmers and preachers. We volunteered to protect Americans. We joined the military for our own reasons, but all of us have demonstrated with our lives our deep and abiding love for this nation and its people. We were trained to run toward the sound of gunfire. Now we hear such sounds, familiar to the war zones where we served, in American cities. In movie theaters. In nightclubs. In churches. In workplaces. In schools.

Our friends, our coworkers, our fellow citizens, and our children, are being gunned down.
Gun violence takes the lives of more than 11,000 Americans every year. We lose another 20,000 to suicide involving guns. As veterans, we are all too familiar with both, unfortunately.

We are inspired and emboldened by the brave high school students who are speaking out on the need for gun-law reform. Unlike us, these students did not volunteer to go into harm’s way. Violence came to them — in their hometown, in their high school halls. And yet, in the face of pure horror, they are making their voices heard. We are proud to stand alongside them to help amplify their message.”

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want a veteran suffering from PTSD carrying a handgun to my daughter’s class.  Drop a message below.  Let me know what you think.

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