Styles of Assistive Tools for Curing Stuttering And Trauma

Still the by using an organized system of reprocessing trauma isn’t a new invention that sported the dawn of technical benefit; like EMDR. Until the moment in time of Christ, infamous Greek orator and stutterer Demosthenes skillful orating along with shingle in his door, now and again together with big track record clatter, or at the same time mountain climbing steep mountaintops. Many treatments have evolved in the past that have assisted scientist and researchers to treat abusive trauma without leaving track of side effects. … Continue readingStyles of Assistive Tools for Curing Stuttering And Trauma


Eye Redness After EMDR Treatment

EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing are a non-invasive technique which some psychologists use in their practice. The technique has been around since the 1970s but has only recently gained recognition as an effective treatment option. Research has shown that EMDR has a high success rate. However, some EMDR therapy may cause some common EMDR therapy side effects. … Continue readingEye Redness After EMDR Treatment