Emdr Side Effects

Side Effects of EMDR

EMDR side effects – emdr therapy has become an innovative option for treating or reducing conditions associated with anxiety, depression, and in some cases, abuse or breach of trust suffered by some individuals.  As with any treatment in life, there is always side effects or risk associated with the form of treatment.  It might not be much, but it will exist in one way or the other.

These emdr side effect risks are more pronounced to those who practice self EMDR therapy and could make the mental disorder much more severe.  One of the most common side effects of EMDR is the onset or increase in fear and distress. The others are:

  • The surfacing of new traumatic memories
  • Heightened emotions or physical sensations during sessions
  • Vivid dreams
  • An increase in distressing memories
  • Lightheadedness

As I can understand, the process is designed for you to face your fear from the past and overcome it.  Destroy it from that part of your memory.

This form of therapy is designed to minimize and resolve other emotions, thereby making the patients distressed.  Never perform the EMDR therapy by yourself as you tend to lose focus on the technique, and, as a result, you may lose focus or concentration on the task at hand, which could worsen your mental situation.

According to EMDR Institute Inc,  as with any form of psychotherapy, it may lead to a temporary increase in distress.

So far, according to the EMDR Institute, it has been noted that patients that underwent the eye movement desensitization and reprocessing treatment have distressing and unresolved memories which may emerge occasionally.

Some unexpected results may occur during or after emdr therapy that was not part of the plan, and reactions like a high level of sensitivity, emotions, or some physical sensations.
After the treatment session, the processing of incidents/material may continue, and other dreams, memories, feelings, etc., may emerge.

According to this emdr side effects mentioned above, I would suggest that any potential patient adequately disclose previous trauma that could aid or assist the EMDR therapist in making a proper care plan.

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